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Clean Energy _ Solar Panels 2
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Clean Energy _ Solar Panels

What Carson City Is Doing

The energy performance contract construction is complete. The cost neutral project included lighting retrofits in 21 City facilities, boiler upgrades at two locations, building envelope improvements, HVAC retrofits and energy management system upgrades. That project cut C02 emissions equivalent to 188 homes.

The City maintains thermostat set points designed to reduce energy usage while maintaining occupant comfort.

500 direct current kilowatts solar at three locations in the Public Works' Complex producing about 860 MWh power per year, over $50,000 dollars’ worth of electricity. The system at the Water Resource Reclamation Facility provides about 10% of the electrical demand to the facility.

All traffic signals and most City-owned streetlights are LED.

We incorporated single-stream recycling and green waste collection into the solid waste franchise.

The Greenhouse Project promotes urban agriculture and the Farmers' Market promotes locally grown food. Carson City is open to proposed code changes to promote urban agriculture.

We have added electric vehicle charging stations at the Community Center and have sites selected for future EV charging stations.

We have added a hybrid vehicle to the City fleet.

As a standard, we use premium efficiency electric motors at all our sites with large electric motors and carefully select pumps to maximize efficiency.

The South Carson Complete Streets project is going to construction early in 2020, which will enhance walkability/cycleability in our community.

We have adopted a Complete Streets Policy for all projects.

The construction of a regional water transmission main is nearing completion making our water system more secure and resilient.

We have evaluated renewable natural gas potential for methane gas produced at the Landfill and Water Resource Reclamation Facility. This did not make financial sense at this time.

We have evaluated additional solar at several locations throughout the City. This did not make financial sense at this time.

We wrote letters of support for Green Dining District and Green Business program, to help greenUP! Nevada get grants for these projects.

The City endeavors to use green cleaning products.

The City minimizes use of chemical herbicides where possible, instead using manual methods to control weeds.


Clean Energy _ Solar Panels
Carson City
Clean Energy _ Solar Panels 2